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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 21, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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who stand accused of sexual misconduct that came to the forefront in october. >> reporter carlos from our sister station in los angeles has the latest on the accusations that lasseter faces. >> reporter: according to the hollywood reports, one acquisition against lasseter comes from a worker the memo said in part, i especially want to apologize to anyone who has ever been on the receiving end of an unwanted hug or any other gesture they felt crossed the line in any way shape or form. no matter how benign my attempt, everyone has the right to set their own boundaries and have them respected. laster is behind a -- the walt
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disney issued a statement this afternoon saying we are committed to maintaining an environment to which all employees are respected and empowered to do their best work. we appreciate john's candor and apologize and support his sabbatical. in his statement he said he also hopes to return with the inside and perspective, i feed to be the leader that you deserve. disney is the parent company of abc 7. three new alleges of small misconduct against charlie rose after cbs, p bs and bloomberg fired the host today. rose made unwanted sexual advances toward women and phone calls dating back to the 1990s. his co-worker says there's no excuse petitioner that conduct. >> let me be clear, there is no
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excuse for this alleged behavior. >> charlie doesn't get a pass from anyone in this room. >> rose have yet to respond to news of his firings. we has apologized to the women while disputing some accounts. the president spoke out about roy moore for the first time today. several women came forward with allegations of roy moore when they were teenagers. >> he denies it, he said it didn't happen. >> president trump did not fully endorse moore but did tack his opponent dug jones and said quote, we don't meed a liberal person in there. another politician under fire with alleges of sexual harassment. nancy pelosi is calling for ethic grove of john con yours. today service stated it had
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dissolved the allegations made by a staff member and indicated some financial sum had been paid out. a woman was paid more than $27,000 to settle a complaint. >> the girls' scout taking part in the national conversation about unwanted physical touching which could include hugs from well-meaning family members and friends over the holidays. the organization is working with the girls how to handle this. details with what parents should consider. >> reporter: that holiday hug could be the most welcoming thing in the world and sometimes it's not. >> i try to give them options. i understand relatives haven't seen them in a long time so they want to be close to them. they're at a paage where i give them options. >> reporter: girl scout gives out the message to parents when it comes to choices.
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>> what we're trying to say it's a girl's choice. she has awe ton my over her body. consent is important. there's a lot of ways to express gratitude or thank you without giving a hug or kiss on a cheek. >> it's a tricky time, thanksgiving. >> reporter: this permanent says it's important to understand what a hug is. >> recognize that that's a gift. it's not meant to be something you have to do or you're forced to do. >> reporter: these girl scouts talked openly about the dilemma to hug or not to. >> it's nice to give hugs because it makes people feel special in a way. >> in another way it makes you feel uncomfortable too sometimes. >> it's not that good feeling uncomfortable and who you're touching and not. >> it's important to know yourself. >> yeah it's important to be safe and know who you're hugging. >> reporter: adults need to follow the lead of the children. >> it's your choice.
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if you don't want to hug them don't hug them. if you want to go ahead. it's your decision really. >> reporter: item leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. in a new development, the fbi's offering a reward to find this man, russell allen lyle jr. he's a member of the hell angels. an indictment accused the club members of violent crimes including 15 years. lyle faces charges connected with those crimes. he's believed to be traveling with his pregnant fawn set. jurors spent the day deliberating in the trial of
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kate steinle. today a change to 30 minutes, suggesting the steinle family members have no plans to travel to the courthouse. will yan explain what we can expect. >> reporter: the jury will have three hours to deliberate before going home for the thanksgiving holiday. the defense attorney asked the jury to consider the circumstances that led to kate's death. matt gonzalez says the defendant picked up an object, did not know its contents, caused a bullet to be fired and garcia-serrate had no intention of hurting anyone. the defense is sticking to he found something wrapped under a claire and picked it up. before serrate sat if the chair the defense showed once again
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these depictions of people hanging out for 30 minutes suggesting that they could have left the gun there. >> everyone who worked on this case did an incredible job. >> reporter: the prosecution had a chance to rebuttal. assistant district attorney diane fa garcia once again told the jury that garcia-serrate had the gun with him and called the case presented by the defense, fiction. prosecutor garcia says garcia-serrate wanted to fire the gun at people. he aim it had gun and the steinle was the closest target. the steinle family was not in court today. >> we're committed to bringing them joist. >> reporter: garcia serrate has been charged with smds but the jury is allowed to consider first-degree murder or involuntarily manslaughter.
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hugo mejia is a construction worker who was detained by immigration authority six months when he showed up for work on a project at the base. supporters gathered outside the immigration office in san francisco today where the bond hearing took place. >> community members, church members all coming together to advocate for hugo who has lived here for 16 years, who is a dedicated father, worker, a member of a union, volunteers at his childrens' school, and i think this is a recognition that we are all in this together. >> mejia was also supported today by members of his union. a judge in his case set bond at $15,000. things are about to change with existing regulations known as net neutrality.
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an is p cannot charge more for sites that stream movies. scrapping the rule could allow internet service providers to slow web traffic or charge customers based on the website they access. david luey with reaction from silicon valley. >> reporter: regulations put in place two years ago makes the internet a playing field. some of the biggest tech companies embrace it. not the chairman of the federal communication commission. he wants to repeal net neutrality. in doing so internet provider could sell speeds for companies willing to pay for it. the fcc will simply require internet service provider to be transparent about their practices so the consumer can buy the plan best for them. critics are convinced this has fair the big providers because
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they can favor their own content over others trying to compete with them. >> newer and smaller services, basically the netflix that you haven't heard of yet, they're going to have a hard time competing in this new environment. >> reporter: verizon is repealing that maintaining quote, we believe users should be able to access the internet when, where and how they chose. counsel supervisor, joe bereaves the fcc is helping internet service providers to boost profits while passing along the cost to consumers. >> all the consumers should expect the fcc to be an advocacy and do its job on behalf of consumers. >> reporter: the vote next month is expected to split along party lines. in san jose, david luey, abc 7
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news. police and deputies across the state came to sunnyville to spend a service from a canine killed in duty. chris wen with the story. >> reporter: today the sunnyville department of public safety gave one of its canine officers a final send off. >> final call announcement for jacks, year of service 2015 to 2017. >> reporter: a community pulling out all the stops to honor one of its heroes. >> it's a beloved family member. for us to be able to do this for jacques is tremendous. >> reporter: he was killed in the line of duty in an apartment complex on halloween. >> there was disbelief at first. i couldn't go clean up hi toys from the backyard. >> reporter: department members were responding to a domestic call when they say the suspect
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staffed jax as he tried to apprehend him. he was later killed after he allegedly threw a knife at officers. >> still moved to see the community come together and so honored to be a part of that. we all felt incredibly honored to have been invited here today. >> reporter: jax was born and trained in the narcotic division to patrol hundreds of law enforcement traveling to sunny v vil to pay their respects. >> couldn't have been a more caring dog and was able to turn around to be exactly what it need to be at work. >> reporter: knowing this four legged highwero made a differen. chris wen, abc 7 news. silicon valley tech titan
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stepping down. >> surprise from packard hewlett comes as a surprise to many. >> to me it's an honor. meet a man reuniting with north bay fire victims with precious memories left behind. >> i'm christian spencer with the forecast coming up. a high-profile murder case involving a wealthy
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breaking news from florida
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where former idol david cassidy died. >> he rose to fame as keith partridge on abc's the partridge family. >> his song, i think i love you spent weeks on the charts at number one. >> he had been in the hospital for an organ failure. he died from then sha, he was 67 years old. meg whitman will step down at hewlett enterprises. she said she plan to remain hp's ceo after uber was widely reported to consider her for the same position. whitman, a former ceo at ebay and california nominee has launched tens of thousands of jobs trying to move hp enterprises from printer to cloud computing. no reason was given for this move. in sonoma county today an
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act of healing and kindness, one of many that have gone unreported until now. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedmon explains it's been happening at a car dealership, an effort to honor the families and veterans effected by the wildfires. >> reporter: if you bought a car from manly honda in santa rosa you've dealt with the manager. cars was not the draw today, instead a phrase you may have heard or seen. sonoma strong. >> dell's pouring support for all those who lost their homes. >> reporter: when people in the north bay use the words they don't do so manager heard about the wild
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fire victims. he and the dealership set out to make this right. >> these guys gave a good portion of their lives to protect this company. >> i had those dog tags from day one that i was in the military, meant more to me than you could imagine. rorp for the family of steve, a small miracle. >> have you seen your husband smile this much since the fire? >> no. >> this family like so many others had to fete out of their house in a hurry. >> i don't think he was 19 when this picture was taken. it was -- >> reporter: one purple heart belonging to his father jay and two photos. after losing so much and feeling so bad about forgetting the picture, steve was almost beyond words. >> i'm so honored and thankful. s in wonderful. >> reporter: call it another reiteration of sonoma being strong. from santa rosa, wayne freedmon,
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abc 7 news. >> so powerful to get that stuff. spencer christian is here after a gorgeous day. >> unbelievable. >> warmth all the way through. record warmth in a couple spots. going to live doppler 7, a few high clouds, but skies are still bright because these clouds are nice and then. a look at today's temperatures, san jose 76 degrees. 81, santa cruz. warm weather everywhere else. 69, san francisco, 65 across the bay and oakland. it's very un-november like. here's the view live from abc 7 camera at pier 15. looking back at the moon. 62 degrees in san francisco. 60 oakland.
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mid-60s in san jose. 69 gilmore, 6 1/2 moon -- 61 at half moon bay. 59 degrees at santa rosa. cooler in north bay. napa 61 and fairfield. these are our focus features, warm again tomorrow with more record highs, likely. a mild thanksgiving day coming our way with few isolated sprinkles in the north by the way, light rain again saturday and sunday. mainly clear skies over night, over night lows will be in the upper 40s to low 50s. taking you through the day segment by segment starting at 7:00 in the morning, bright sunny skies. a few thin high clouds will linger. temperatures at the beginning of the day will be 60 degrees in
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most places. around 2:00 p.m. more high clouds and bright skies, temperatures at that point at or near 70 degrees in most locations, inland and into the bay. in the evening clouds thickening but it will still be mild. 9:00 tonight look for temperatures in the low to mid-60s. highs tomorrow, 70 richmond, 70 oakland. 71 crock curd and free montd. 71 palo alto. 76 antioch. it's gung to be warm all around the bay year. may see a record high at san jose again, predicting 67 degrees as the high. existing record tomorrow 75. gilmore, existing record for that day, 79. many locations at or near the
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record level. warm down south, l.a. 93, san diego, 85. up north they obviously extreme, showers at eureka with a high of 65. across the country tomorrow, travel day, day before thanksgiving. looks like smooth sailing if you're flying. weather condition will be calm except for showers in the pacific northwest. it's going to be a mild thanksgiving day, mild day on black friday for shoppers to get out. and rain comes back over the weekend. >> spencer thanks so much. we'll take you to a form to four feast today that's about so much more than food. >> really? really? really? really? really?
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today a very special meal was a way of saying thanks to the many who continue to help wine country rover from last month's wildfires. jonathan bloom explains how some of the bay areas biggest chefs are giving back to the county's whose farmland has given them so mump. >> reporter: the images were seen around the world. >> now the recovery begins and we need your help. >> reporter: celebrity chef tyler flores announced it on instagram. >> the most incredible thing
6:26 pm
i've put together in my live. >> reporter: one long table stretched as far as the eye can see. >> this is the longest dinner table i've sat at. >> reporter: the location is no accident. >> we want to do it in the vineyards in between napa and sonoma. >> reporter: at $500 a play flores worked with whose who. the guest came from all over, the ingredients didn't travel far. >> every ingredient can come from 20 minutes where you stand. >> reporter: just like the food on the menu the banquette come with a moderate twist. some seated here are donors and some are the very people they're giving back too. first responders who are here at the table thanks to donors. >> i got goose bumps coming in. >> reporter: from the firefighters we've seen and dispatchers we didn't see. >> taking a plethora of those calls during the first 24 hours.
6:27 pm
>> reporter: sitting with old friends and making new ones. it's no wonder visit california shouldered the cost. it could raise more than $100 million. >> reporter: this is quite a spectacle. >> it should be, we want to world to see wine country is here and open for business for everyone. >> reporter: in wine country, jonathan bloom. >> if you're able to give test the word feed to 8077. your donation will benefit local bay areas and food banks. officer matthew hammer and a crew at oakland chp office has launched a blanket drive. they're asking anyone who can help to drive off a new or gently used bain get. there's -- blanket. there is no doubt the need is
6:28 pm
something officers can see every day and incredibly kind event to do something to help. a scare today for an east bay neighborhood. >> we're getting our first look at the device that brought out the bomb squad. a violent attack at san jose state university, the target a police sergeant. at&t putting up a fight to go forward with its
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>> announcer: live where you live, this is abc 7 news. new developments tonight at a high-profile bay area murder case. >> it made headlines with tiffany lee put up $65 million in cash and property to post bail. >> lee along with her boyfriend are accused of living keith green, the father of lee'slee'ss children. >> reporter: this was the first time we saw tiffany lee since she's been on house arrest. tiffany lee was surrounded by
6:32 pm
her attorneys and investigators. she would not answer questions about whether she had plotted to have the father of her children keith, green killed. in court her boyfriend told abc 7 news off camera they were disappointed with a third interview in this case. trainer and body guard. adella says he was offered $50,000 to get rid of green. he said he declined. three months later he said the couple showed up at his apartment with green's body demanding he dispose of it. >> i know he has made multiple comments that he would like to make a deal with us and plea to some lesser charge than a 187 in exchange for truthful testimony against defendants lee and buy yat. we have not reached any decision or conclusion as to whether or not we are going to work with him.
6:33 pm
three defendants are facing murder charges and we are set for trial against all three of them at this time, january 16. >> reporter: it is likely that january 16th trial date will be pushed back. the pretrial is scheduled for january 2nd. melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. police officer recovering after being attacked this morning. he was responding to a fight between a group of student and a group of men around the theater at midnight. the officer were talking to people when the officer says the suspect took him by surprise and punched him several times. >> one of our officers were caught off guard and punched and injured by one of the suspects. that officer was interest rated to medical center, treated and released. >> the suspect was shot by a stun gun by other officers.
6:34 pm
he was arrested. two other men were also arrested. authorities say they were gang members. to dan vil where we have new details about a pipe bomb which caused the evict of a fire station. the sheriff's office says this device was dropped off at the san ramon fire station on luis tan know street. it was in a box of fireworks that a woman found after moving into her new house. sky 7 was over the area. the station was evicted and part of the -- evacuated and part of the street was closed to traffic. the object was rendered safe, glad to say no one was hurt. at&t pushing back against the government's device against pushing the merge with timewarner. timewarner already owns networks such as cnn and hbo and the government that says competitors could be hit with higher fees. to make up for increase cable
6:35 pm
subscribers could see they're bill go up. >> there's been a lot of reporting and speculation whether there is all about cnn, and frankly i don't know. but nobody should be surprised if the question keeps coming up. but the bottom line is that we cannot and we will not be party to any agreement that would give the perception of comprising the first amendment protection of the press. >> the doj says politics are not a factor in its opposition. the mauve to block the merger has caution some people by surprise since at&t and timewarner are not direct competitors. more to come, a new meal plan has people getting personal with their dinner plate. the local start up that's adding science to the menu and customizing the menu you eat. >> turkey surprise
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a bay area company thinks your dna should determine what you eat. i took a look and found out what it's all about.
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inside this warehouse in oakland's jacqueline and square they're making delicious and nutritious food. the recipes are designed to complement your well being. >> each one of us is different and our food should be the same. >> neil is the founder of habit, the first food service that uses your dna to customize your diet plan. >> we look at your dna to your mood work to how your metabolism work, and put it together and generate a personalized nutrition plan just for you. >> groomer work with a renown scientist to establish markers for improving health. for $299. you're sent a kit to gather your data, swab for dna, a fingerprint for blood, followed by another test of a met boll
6:40 pm
lick shake. three wieks later you get your results. the meals cost 8 to $13 each. >> it allows us to dial it in. >> grimmer knows food. he started plum organics, the third largest baby food brand. he sold it to campbell's food company in 2013. groomer says there's obvious ways to improve your health. manage your alcohol intake, ditch the sugar and limit your process foods. he said habit takes it one step further by helping to fine tune your indict. >> when you go from there it gets personalized. >> the company introduced us t t anthony who said he's learned a lot about his body. >> a little test, boom, touches
6:41 pm
your finger, barely feel it. >> his sensitivity revealed sensitivity to caffeine and he needed to add more vegetables to his diet. stewart murry is with the eating disorder program. >> i think it is ideal and principle. >> murry says he may be on to something but need more research. >> we know we need quality food and we'll feel better. whether or not that person specific or need dna testing we don't know. >> that doesn't suede people like atee yas from feeling the praises from the plan. he says he feels better and has lost a little weight from joining habit. >> it giving me the tools on how i live, eat and exercise. >> he said this goes beyond knowing more about his genetic make up. for those who may have trouble sticking to the plan habit
6:42 pm
offers a coach to set real isk goals and help and support you and continue working towards them. a lot of feathers ruffled in the white house press room but not a bad one. this is wish bone, the turkey who will be spared a spot on someone's dinner table thanks to enduring tradition. >> you are hereby pardoned. >> president trump pardoned wish bone. instead of becoming part of dinner the 37 and 36 pound bird will live out its live in virginia. the family is headed to florida for the thanksgiving holiday. we're getting a good idea tonight of the gifts that will top many
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warning some people selling counter fit fingerlings online. and the star wars destroyed inventor kit helps you build some destroyed from scratch. if you're doing shopping on black friday check out guides from specific stores and websites. mike has debated this with me but many say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and some chose to eat >> christian, your kids want to eat breakfast or not? >> you know how people like breakfast for lunch, they like lunch for breakfast. >> we pay have you covered, cereal, that old familiar staple
6:47 pm
gets a bad wrap. plenty cereal are nutrition. here's tips on how to find a good one. breakfast in a bowl, a quick way to get many essential nutrients at once. >> it's best if you can hit protein, dairy and fruit. the best thing about fruit it's easy to get that if you throw in a slice of banana. >> choosing the right cereal is key. 100% whole grain is best but at the very least find one with whole grain as the firsten greent. >> whole grain has been linked to a reduced risk of diabetes, heart disease and cancer. and it'll fill you up. >> if you want a sweetened cereal chose one with no more than 8 grams of sugar per
6:48 pm
serving. pay attention to protein. >> cereal usually have a few grams of protein but if you add cr cow's milk or yogurt you're going to get the protein. >> also watch your a few good picks, post or shredd shredded wheat. if you want something serious, cheer yos multi grain. do you kids eat cereal if. >> they do. i still look some of the cereal i liked as a kid. >> thank you michael. let's update the forecast. spencer would not eat any of the sugary cereal. >> no, but i like oatmeal. here's a look at live doppler 7,
6:49 pm
mild conditions under partly cloudy skies. it's going to be mild with overnight of lows 50 degrees. we may have some record lows as we had today. look for temperatures ranging from low to mid-70s. shaping up to be a warm winter and mild one as well. even black friday, lovely weather there, get out and do your shopping under dry conditions. light rain coming over the weekend and it will start to look and feel more like fall. a nice panel. >> very nice. football news tonight. >> larry's got a lot going on. >> we have a lot going on. dan's thinking of lucky charms. maybe to do on the raiders.
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>> announcer: abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. good evening after getting torched by the patriots, 33-8 on
6:53 pm
sunday in new mexico. this move comes as no surprise, in fact the only surprise is that it took this long to make a change. a lot of people expecting after last season, silver black 26 in total defense, have yet to intercept a single pass this season. despite having ka little mac rushing the passer. the raiders will face the bronco this sunday. dennis called plays last year and made the case, should have kept him and made the chang on defense earlier. warrior's star kevin durant sprain on his left ankles. durant practiced with the warriors today at st. john's university. afterwards kd said his ankle's still kind of sore, waiting to
6:54 pm
see how it feels tomorrow. playing in his former home not such a big deal but the crowd begs to differ. >> it's a regular game for me now. i have to tune out the crowd and just play and keep it at basketball and i'll be all right. >> there was an inl i'd like to tune out. just going to keep rolling this video until something happens, the giants remain high on the trail of stent ton, so much so that insiders have san francisco as the favorite landing slot for the 24-year-old slugger. property spects going to miami in one proposed deal. unclear how stanton feel about this he's been silent. college football stanford host notre dame this saturday. they'll be scoreboard watching and also watching the game 5:00 on abc 7, that's the kick off.
6:55 pm
cardinals will need washington to beat washington state. that'll put packers in the championship against. mike shumann with the preview. >> there will definitely be scoreboard peeking this weekend. the coach told us do not underestimate the notre dame/sanford rivalry. >> oh my gosh, there have been hot games, hotly contested game both during and after the game sometimes. what i appreciate too they've also been unbelievely respectful. >> stamford -- his roommate and back up cameron scarlett has been amazed watching bryce perform under did you res. >> he's something special, to me the best running back in college football hands down. you'll never see him getting caught and that's something special you don't get to see. >> saturday's the final regular
6:56 pm
season home game for the stanford seniors and that's always tough on coach shaw. >> it's emotional every year. i try to prepare myself and it never works because it is very emotional. you become very close to these young men. >> david shaw and the rest of the stamford underclass man want to make sure the seniors go out on a high night. mike, abc 7 sports. keep your eye on number 80, where'd he go? he seemingly disappears out of nowhere, chris cross and then he v vanishes. this post is watched 100 david blaine, he's here and then he's gone. abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> all right. we'll have to figure that one out. 9:00 on coffey t.v. 20,
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but today, he defends for the first time. things are different. kiana and wilbur, welcome. here we go, players. good luck. now the categories for the jeopardy! round of play... aha. next... h-o-l-e in quotation marks. and finally, a whole category that's sort of a tribute to the "20/20" news magazine program. it's 40 years old, and all of the clues will be delivered by two of their well-known hosts -- david muir and elizabeth vargas. all right, eric, you start. let's go state capital haiku for $200. kiana. what is salem? that's it. bible study, $200. kiana.


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